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Adventures await

Trailheads throughout the region provide a multitude of recreational activities for anyone on two wheels, four wheels, or four hooves. Jump on a motorcycle for one of the most scenic rides in the state, or latch on to the Arizona Zipline for an adventure close to home.

Arts + Culture

Genuinely authentic

Eclectic, unique, and inexplicably memorable - the arts and culture community of the Copper Corridor is genuinely authentic. If you find inspiration in the abstract and beauty at the margins, the Copper Corridor offers artistic inspiration around every curve.

History + Heritage

Stories for days

The Copper Corridor is heavily rooted in its history and heritage. With an emphasis on mining, and a fierce connection to independence, each community along the corridor represents the traditions they hold dear. Experience historic Native American stories, the Old West, and copper to the core as you travel through this region.


Image Source: Tortillas Mi Pueblito

Wine +Dine

Eat your way through the region

If you enjoy tasting fares located off the beaten path, the Copper Corridor dining experience will not disappoint. With locally owned spots peppered throughout, you’ll wish the journey was a little longer so more meals could be had. From fresh food co-op markets to BBQ and Mexican food, the Copper Corridor serves up meals for tastes of all kinds.


Stay awhile!

If you’ve decided to extend your journey through the Copper Corridor overnight, you are highly likely to be camping or enjoying the great outdoors in an RV. If that is not the case, however, you will find memorable and unique lodging experiences that you’ll want to replicate time and time again.

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