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Map out your adventures.

Begin planning your great adventure below. Nature, art and history are nestled in mountain valleys and high desert hideaways. South of Phoenix and north of Tucson in the upper Sonoran Desert, eleven unique towns are ready to share their secrets. The northern region of the corridor is in the Tonto National Forest. The southern region is in the Coronado National Forest. It is comprised of a series of mining and ranching communities where you can still experience a piece of the old west.



Step back in time!

Located in the heart of Arizona Globe-Miami offers the romance of Territorial history, Native American culture, small town friendly folks and limitless outdoor recreation, it all comes together there. Whatever it is that calls to you, it can be found in Globe. With wonderful downtown buildings still intact, and historic cottages and homes perched on the hillsides, visitors can truly feel what life was like 100 years ago while still enjoying modern day amenities. 

Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce


Grit and Gratitude

Hayden was a prosperous mining town founded in 1911. Today you can explore remants of what the town once was, truly taking a step back in time. Come see the tallest smelter chimney in Arizona which is 1,000 feet tall.

Town of Hayden


Peaceful, Inviting, Unforgettable

Kearny is a the heart of the Copper Basin. The town sits near the Gila River in the Copper Basin area along with its sister cities, Hayden and Winkelman. The tiny town has a total area of 2.8 square miles. 

Town of Kearny


Gateway to the Galiuros

Mammoth was founded in 1876 as a mining camp for the surrounding mines, located on the west banks of the San Pedro River and the base of the Galiuro Mountains which serve as a beautiful backdrop for the town. Mammoth became an incorporated town in 1958 and held it’s first Town Council on March 21, 1958.

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A Classic Copper Boom Town

Miami is a classic Western copper boom-town. Miami’s old downtown has been partly renovated, and the Bullion Plaza Museum features the cultural, mining and ranching history of the Miami area. Explore hiking trails around Miami, Arizona. The best hike near Miami is The Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail, a 5.5 mile out and back trail in Tonto National Forest.

Town of Miami


Find the adventure you seek

Where the mountains meet the desert, you’ll find the quirky, western town of Oracle nestled among boulders, oaks and grasslands. Located 35 miles from north Tucson in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, its elevation is a cool 4,500 feet. Its history dates from the 1800s, when it was a stagecoach stopover with guest ranches, small mines and accommodation for visitors seeking our clear, dry air. Today Oracle is the home of six guest ranches, great local eateries & shops, Oracle State Park, the Arizona Trail, Arizona Zipline Adventures, Triangle L Ranch Sculpture Park, the Biosphere 2, our new Lavender Under the Oaks Farm & Store and Titian Power Rentals (Off-road rental & services needs).

Visitor Oracle Website

Oracle Junction

Near the junction of Arizona State Routes 77 and 79 make a pit stop here on your adventure. Grab a delicious homemade Mexican dish from Lupe's and be on your way with a full stomach and a smile on your face. Oracle Junction was originally a service station called Walnut Service Station, along the main road between Tucson and Phoenix. It was renamed Oracle Junction Service Station in 1926, and Oracle Junction developed in the area around it. During the 1930s the area hosted rodeos on Independence Day weekend.

San Manuel

Outdoor Recreation & Adventure

Located on the edge of the picturesque Sonoran Desert, San Manuel overlooks the panoramic Galiuro Mountains. Just an hour or so NE of Tucson, San Manuel provides the perfect backdrop for a day in the desert. Rent ATV's from Peppersauce Motorsports or bring your own to experience what wide-open space truly feels like. With a few great local restaurants including some of the best tacos around, San Manuel is a great day trip destination with opportunities to explore what many have missed. 

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Adventure, Elevated

A peaceful feeling comes over you as you approach Superior, a proud forward-thinking community greets you as one of their own. It’s easy to breathe deeply here as you gently unwind into this colorful place. From a world-renowned living botanical museum to a rich and long history in mining, to budding art and culinary scene — Superior is in full bloom.

Superior Visitor Website


Image source: Bureau of Land Management


Explore the Wild

Though a small town, Winkelman has a spacious riverfront park popular with RV weekenders and tent-camp-overnighters; a park shaded by massive cottonwood and palm trees – and situated below towering cliffs of rock described in the book ‘Roadside Geology of Arizona’. The Gila River flows downstream from San Carlos Lake – carving through ancient ‘tilted bed’ formations of limestone and sedimentary layers exposed now to amateur geologists, photographers and students – easily seen at Hwy 77 roadside pullouts just north of town. Pack binoculars along with your camera, and watch for common Blackhawk, Great Blue Heron and Belted Kingfisher among dozens of bird species making their home in tamarisk thickets along the Gila.

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